Canterbury League Club Case Study

Founded in 1957, Canterbury League Club is a multi-faceted entertainment and leisure venue located in the Sydney suburb of Belmore. Boasting more than 45,000 members and consolidated revenue of approximately $80 million, the club offers a number of facilities and services, including restaurants, bars, function rooms, live entertainment, a health club, squash courts and more.


As one of Western Sydney’s premier dining and entertainment venues, it’s imperative that Canterbury League Club has a secure and reliable IT environment to ensure the efficient operation of the premises. Therefore, with its legacy system limiting performance, growth and flexibility, it came time for the club to explore new, more modern business technology options.

The club commissioned CrossPoint to design and implement an upgraded IT solution that would streamline operations, enhance performance and protect critical business data.

“We felt that our existing IT infrastructure was restricted in its capacity to support both our daily operations and future business growth objectives,” says John Morgan, Manager Information Systems, Canterbury League Club.

“What’s more, whilst the venue as a whole requires best practice backup and redundancy capability, there are certain areas that are absolutely critical to the smooth running of the club.”

“From the outset, CrossPoint demonstrated an acute understanding of our IT and business technology challenges, and were proactive in designing a tailored, future-proofed and cost effective solution.”


After a comprehensive audit of the club’s existing network infrastructure, CrossPoint set about designing and implementing a customised, scalable and fully managed virtual IT environment.

The solution involved consolidating the club’s existing on-site infrastructure to eliminate inefficient and under-utilised hardware that was costing the business time and money. The move to virtual servers created immediate cost efficiencies and provided the flexibility and scalability Canterbury League Club needed to grow the business and adapt to changing market conditions. 

State-of-the-art backup and redundancy capability was also integrated into the new solution, addressing the crucial issue of business continuity and potential data loss through unexpected events such as power outages, server failure, and fire or water damage.

What’s more, because CrossPoint isn’t tied to any individual technology vendor with restricted parameters and conditions, the club benefited from a cost effective solution that was tailored specifically to the club’s current and future business needs.


The reconfiguration of the club’s network and subsequent move to a virtual IT environment has resulted in enormous financial, productivity and performance benefits.

By consolidating and streamlining its IT systems and processes, the club has realised cost savings of approximately 55% in server hardware deduction and improved efficiency by up to 30% in the first 12 months following implementation.

“Virtualisation has substantially reduced the drain on our internal IT resources,” explains Morgan. “Staff now spend less time dealing with IT issues and more time focusing on the business itself.”

CrossPoint’s solution has also provided the flexibility and scalability Canterbury League Club requires. Virtualisation allows the club to quickly and easily move from one server to another in case of failure, whilst also enabling the expansion of the club’s IT environment to accommodate future business growth without the need for additional physical servers.

Importantly, the new solution has reduced the risk associated with loss of critical business data. CrossPoint’s virtualisation solution offers the club reliable data protection and backup, as well as greatly improved disaster recovery time to ensure business continuity. This is particularly important at peak times throughout the week.

Some of the other key benefits of CrossPoint’s virtualisation solution include:

        Reduced IT capital costs by up to 60%

        Minimised costs associated with hardware maintenance and replacement

        Reduced power usage and energy consumption by up to 80%

        Increased response time for change management and support

        Simplified cost model and increased management visibility

“CrossPoint has become a vital partner in ensuring that our IT infrastructure reliably supports our daily business operations. In addition to their technical expertise and exceptional service levels, they are continually looking at ways to help us improve efficiency across the business and ultimately, save us money now and into the future.” John Morgan  – Manager Information Systems, Canterbury League Club.

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