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CrossPoint Telecommunications acquires Allcom Networks

Allcom Networks is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by CrossPoint Telecommunications. CrossPoint is a trusted business technology solutions provider. Leveraging on a strong team of professional specialists, it offers comprehensive end-to-end managed IT solutions in voice, video, managed IT services and professional services. CrossPoint provides solutions to organisations of various sizes and industry […]

Preparing Your IT Infrastructure for The Future of The Workplace

While disruption is always talked about in terms of the effect it has on products, services and industries, it’s in the workplace where this is most keenly felt. Just as the Industrial Revolution pushed the textile industry out of the country homes of weavers and into the factories, the next wave of change in the […]

How to Prepare for A Cyber Crisis

Take a moment to imagine how your business would function without network servers, cloud based applications or even the internet. Chances are large parts, if not all, of your operations would halt. Across every industry our reliance on web or network based operational processes put businesses at real threat of cyberattacks. From small scale identity […]

Ransomware and Cyber Security: Understanding the Unseen Threat

From identity theft to international espionage, cyber security has quickly become an omnipresent and universal concern to both the private and public sector. Where once virus infected spam would wreak havoc on an individual personal computer, now the immensely sophisticated and ever evolving cyber threats of today cause global disruption and damage on both financial […]

7 Most Common Network Security Threats

For most people, topics of network security or internet security are completely shrouded in mystery. Despite that, the imminent damage of threats to these industries are palpable and have long term or lasting damage. It is not required for you to know about network security and internet security at an expert level of an IT […]

The Importance of Data Security and A Data Recovery Plan

Running a business requires due diligence at every turn. You need to have your customers’ best interests at heart, while at the same time knowing how to maximize all transactions to produce the optimum business outcome. There are always a few things that you should pay closer attention to. Specifically, your data. Your intellectual property […]

How Technology Has Shaped The Way We Communicate and Conduct Business

Prior to unified communications, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), and softphones, budding entrepreneurs would meet with potential investors and clients in person. They would give impressive proposals, conduct extensive research, and would then chase after their prospects based on the limited available methods of communication. Today, through the advent of technology which has changed the communication landscape […]

Why You’re Never Too Small For a Sophisticated Telephone System

A new telephone system may be exactly what your business needs to usher in more growth and flexibility. Why so? No matter what angle you look at it, voice communication is essential for your business success. You need voice communication to coordinate with potential and existing customers, to foster communication within your company, and to […]

Getting Through to Millennials: How Generation Y is Driving the Digital Transformation of Communication in the Workplace

As the workforce evolves and Millennials continue to comprise a vast majority of the workforce the need for organisations to become more flexible is becoming more pronounced. Millennials have a different approach to the work-life balance most working people in the Baby Boomer and other generations hold. For starters, Millennials would bargain for flexible hours, […]