Counsel’s Chambers Ltd. Case Study

Over 12 years ago, Allcom and Counsel’s Chambers Ltd began to work together to simplify communication and empower innovation. After that successful first project, they’ve made a lasting connection.


Counsel’s Chambers Limited (CCL) owns and manages three buildings in Sydney’s CBD and four separate floors in another building, and provides office accommodation and services to the New South Wales Bar. Barristers in New South Wales operate as sole practitioners; they join a floor of the building to gain access to collective services such as building security, telephones, IT and administrative staff.

Before 2005, each floor individually installed its own networking and internet services. CCL had installed a Mitel telephone system, but it did not meet members’ technical requirements or business needs.

“The capabilites such as call flows simply weren’t adequate,” said Debbie George, General Manager at CCL. “Also, we required about 1,000 handsets to provide telephony to all the floors and the system couldn’t scale to the size we needed. We had to use an external provider to make simple day-to-day changes to the system, which was too expensive. Our members also have complex security requirements due to the highly confidential nature of their work.”


Counsel’s Chambers Makes a Lasting Connection

In 2005, CCL appointed Allcom Networks Pty Ltd (Allcom) to construct a core network and Unified Communications system across all four buildings.

CCL and Allcom agreed that it made sense to have the same vendor across all layers of its network. This
would help to improve the reliability of the networking and telephone systems, maintain security and deliver cost savings.

CCL and Allcom have maintained a productive and mutually beneficial relationship for more than twelve years.

“Allcom has dedicated, technically proficient engineers who’ve been with us from the start, so they know us really well and are quite responsive,” said Michael Wright, ICT Manager. “Cisco provides all the features we need at reasonable prices. They have the features before the other vendors do, and are very reliable.”

George added: “Allcom has dealt with our Board on a number of occasions and if there’s a problem, they sort it out.”


Looking to the Future

CCL continues to leverage its investment in Cisco technologies with Allcom deploying Collaboration Technologies, Corporate & Guest Wireless, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Cybersecurity Solutions, and IP Video Surveillance.

Having recently re-signed with Allcom for the provision of product, support and services, CCL is working with Allcom on upgrades and refreshes for existing environments and further deployment to members of available technologies. Together, we’ll be making sure members are more secure, implementing advanced threat protection via the integration of a comprehensive porƞolio of security technologies including next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), security analytics, and malware defense.

By simplifying communication, inspiring innovation, and empowering people to engage with each other anywhere on any device, CCL will ensure its members have an IT environment that improves business processes, speed decision-making, and boosts productivity.

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