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February 2018 Newsletter

The Rise of Outsourced IT  Immediate benefits can be gained by outsourcing IT services, today more and more businesses both large and small are partnering with sophisticated Managed Service providers and the results speak for themselves. Organizations are seeing great efficiencies in their IT processes, less downtime, a reduction in IT spend due to a […]

Developing A Culture of Information Security

In 2018, security should be everyone’s concern. Recent massive data breaches from companies that are too well-funded, too experienced and too well-equipped blame it on understaffing, under-resourcing or ignorance point to an ongoing failure of security awareness in many organisations. These breaches affect millions of people, often revealing private and economically valuable information which can […]

The Fringe Benefits of a Strong, Mobile-ready Video Conferencing Solution

By 2017, every business-owner has to have heard the benefits of investing strongly in video conferencing solutions. The technology can help to improve collaboration between geographically distant participants, opening up new ways of structuring and housing your operations; all the while helping you get more from meetings, allowing participants to read non-verbal communication and forge […]

A Smarter Approach to Bring Your Own Device Security

Bring your own device is one of the rare concepts in IT that was conceptualised after it was rolled out. Since mobile phones became omnipresent, employees have been bringing them to the office whether they were a part of their work or not. It’s only in 2009 that the term was first coined by Intel, […]

Preparing Your IT Infrastructure for The Future of The Workplace

While disruption is always talked about in terms of the effect it has on products, services and industries, it’s in the workplace where this is most keenly felt. Just as the Industrial Revolution pushed the textile industry out of the country homes of weavers and into the factories, the next wave of change in the […]

How to Prepare for A Cyber Crisis

Take a moment to imagine how your business would function without network servers, cloud based applications or even the internet. Chances are large parts, if not all, of your operations would halt. Across every industry our reliance on web or network based operational processes put businesses at real threat of cyberattacks. From small scale identity […]

Ransomware and Cyber Security: Understanding the Unseen Threat

From identity theft to international espionage, cyber security has quickly become an omnipresent and universal concern to both the private and public sector. Where once virus infected spam would wreak havoc on an individual personal computer, now the immensely sophisticated and ever evolving cyber threats of today cause global disruption and damage on both financial […]

7 Most Common Network Security Threats

For most people, topics of network security or internet security are completely shrouded in mystery. Despite that, the imminent damage of threats to these industries are palpable and have long term or lasting damage. It is not required for you to know about network security and internet security at an expert level of an IT […]

The Importance of Data Security and A Data Recovery Plan

Running a business requires due diligence at every turn. You need to have your customers’ best interests at heart, while at the same time knowing how to maximize all transactions to produce the optimum business outcome. There are always a few things that you should pay closer attention to. Specifically, your data. Your intellectual property […]

The Benefits of Integrating Your CRM With a VoIP System

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Satisfied clients mean an increased likelihood of repeat purchase, as well as an increased propensity to suggest your goods and services to their peers because they are pleased with their experience. What’s more, they are more likely to leave positive feedback about you on forums […]