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International Women’s Day – Kath’s story

As Helpdesk Supervisor of our Global Service Desk, I manage a team of 13 people who assist our global client base with IT service desk requirements. Customer service and cultivating a loyal following with clients has always been of interest to me, I enjoy working with people and solving problems. After college, I studied Customs […]

Savvy tech solutions drive better learning

video conferencing

We’re delighted to feature in a recent edition of The Sydney Morning Herald to discuss the value of remote learning and the use of interactive IT platforms like Microsoft Teams to create new possibilities for educators and schools. Thank you to our experienced Education Practice Lead Paul Carnemolla and CEO Matthew Cross who have been […]

Welcome Wayne Simmonds Head of Sales CrossPoint Technology Solutions

video conferencing brisbane

Simmonds brings extensive experience driving strategic growth and customer satisfaction for leading tech companies in Australia. SYDNEY, October 14, 2020 – CrossPoint, a leading ICT Managed Service provider, with capabilities spanning collaboration and communication, cloud and infrastructure, networking, security and consulting has appointed experienced sales professional Wayne Simmonds to the role of Head of Sales, […]

Work From Home Tips for Productivity and Performance

Work from home tips for productivity and performance

Companies around the world are now implementing and mandating their employees to adopt a work from home policy amid the spread of COVID-19. Shifting to remote working especially at home will be a normal day for others, however for employees who will be working from home for the first time means transitioning from the normal […]

Nurture, Develop, and Grow

“It was fantastic to have our team from Manila come to Sydney to further develop and grow our projectservices capabilities across the Manila and Australia team.” –Malcolm Forrester – Head of Professional Services in Project Services(CrossPoint Sydney)  At CrossPoint, we believe in fostering the development of our team, our people, and our company. Last week, […]

February 2018 Newsletter

The Rise of Outsourced IT  Immediate benefits can be gained by outsourcing IT services, today more and more businesses both large and small are partnering with sophisticated Managed Service providers and the results speak for themselves. Organizations are seeing great efficiencies in their IT processes, less downtime, a reduction in IT spend due to a […]

Developing A Culture of Information Security

In 2018, security should be everyone’s concern. Recent massive data breaches from companies that are too well-funded, too experienced and too well-equipped blame it on understaffing, under-resourcing or ignorance point to an ongoing failure of security awareness in many organisations. These breaches affect millions of people, often revealing private and economically valuable information which can […]

The Fringe Benefits of a Strong, Mobile-ready Video Conferencing Solution

By 2017, every business-owner has to have heard the benefits of investing strongly in video conferencing solutions. The technology can help to improve collaboration between geographically distant participants, opening up new ways of structuring and housing your operations; all the while helping you get more from meetings, allowing participants to read non-verbal communication and forge […]

A Smarter Approach to Bring Your Own Device Security

Bring your own device is one of the rare concepts in IT that was conceptualised after it was rolled out. Since mobile phones became omnipresent, employees have been bringing them to the office whether they were a part of their work or not. It’s only in 2009 that the term was first coined by Intel, […]

Preparing Your IT Infrastructure for The Future of The Workplace

While disruption is always talked about in terms of the effect it has on products, services and industries, it’s in the workplace where this is most keenly felt. Just as the Industrial Revolution pushed the textile industry out of the country homes of weavers and into the factories, the next wave of change in the […]