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CEO Message

The end of FY21 is upon us and as always proves to be our busiest and most demanding quarter, particularly for our government and enterprise clients. As we continue to drive sales and delivery to close off the quarter, I ask if everyone could do their bit to enable our sales and service delivery team to close open opportunities before the financial year end and importantly, ensure all billing is both accurate and timely.

As a business we have an ambitious plan for growth both organically and through acquisition. A strong financial year end will not only propel our expansion plans but will give both our clients and team the opportunity to grow. Let’s rally together and do our best to close out a strong quarter and end the 2021 financial year on a high.

A quick update on the announced acquisition. We are aiming to complete the transaction by June 30th and soon after, we will begin the integration process which includes bringing our teams together, rolling out our communication plan to stakeholders and integrating our business processes.

We have learnt a lot from previous acquisitions and integrations, we have more consolidated tools and processes, a better defined organisational structure and a strategic long-term plan.

Soon we will see a lot of new people join the organisation and I would like everyone to welcome them as part of the CrossPoint family. Let’s make sure they feel involved and an integral part of who we are and where we are going. There is no simple tool for this, but continuous communication, open collaboration, information sharing and active participation. We are after all, One Team.

On the COVID-19 front, we are starting to see more countries accelerating their vaccine programs and opening their economies, this is a very positive development, however, we know this will take time. The best way we have out of this pandemic is via global vaccination programs. 

I encourage everyone to inform themselves with official advice and avoid misinformation. Ultimately the virus will run its course through the community and vaccines provide a high level of protection and a far better chance for our bodies to fight the disease.

Lastly, I would like to recognise the efforts of our greater team in living the CrossPoint Values. Our newsletter is full of examples of our team adopting a Can Do- attitude, working as One Team, and driving growth through learning. Thank you everyone for your commitment a nd dedication to our clients. We have said it before but let me remind everyone, our team and our clients are our greatest assets.

Stay safe and stay connected!
CEO – Carlos Palacio


Our International Team “The IT Crowd” continues to kick goals, working towards becoming a Tier One Managed Service provider in Asia Pacific and driving a recurring revenue business model. We are positioned to finish FY21 with $5M generated in revenue – on par with our FY20 figures.

FY21 was not without challenges, we have seen Nokia reduce their service demands by 22% due to COVID-19 which has greatly impacted our business, but as usual our International Team has risen to the challenge. Our Team have grown our revenue through diversification of our client base which has led to a huge 54% increase in revenue from new and growing clients, maintaining year-on-year revenue stability  . We are pleased to share 97% of our new and growing clients are contracted to managed service agreements based on reoccurring revenue. Coming out of FY21 we have achieved 90% of our EBITDA target which currently stands at a whopping 47%, an outstanding result for the business. 

We would like to thank the hardworking Nokia RFP team of Amanda, Lee, Mat. A, David. R, Mal, Greg. L, Mazen, Mark. M, Carlos, Milla, Steve, Katherine and Jeffrey for their hard work and diligence on the Nokia RFP, we look forward to sharing results soon.

International Team – CrossPoint Values

We would like to recognise the entire International Team for showcasing the CrossPoint values. We are a small and dynamic team that accomplishes a lot, thank you to Mat, Mary, Lee, Michael, Eric, Asim and our extended team of colleagues including and not limited to Jedrick and Dodge that helps support our customers and drive our business forward. Your Can-Do attitude and dedication to our team and clients is commendable.


CrossPoint and Allcom are continuing to manage the growing demands of our existing client base and we are starting to see many organisations re-evaluate their hybrid work arrangement in search of a more sophisticated solution to enable productivity, collaboration and engagement. Here are just a few examples of recent success stories as we showcase the hard work from our Sales Teams.

In Singapore, we are pleased to welcome several new clients to the CrossPoint family – IBM Technologies, IT Block, Saksoft Private Limited, Verz Design and Clever Cloud will all utilise Cloud technology solutions deliver by CrossPoint. Thank you to Asim for your hard work and dedication in driving our Cloud business forward.

Texvista, a large logistics and distribution company with a presence in over 14 countries will use CrossPoint to deploy Microsoft Office 365 to their 120 employees. Thank you to the hardworking Singapore Team on diversifying our International client base.

One of our newer clients, Alliance to End Plastic Waste have engaged CrossPoint to deploy and assortment of services including a Teams Video and Teams Voice solution, Infrastructure as a Service (laptops and firewalls), Helpdesk, Device Management and Security. Thank you to the hardworking team of Lee, Mat A, Eric, Dodge and our Manila Service Desk for your support and commitment to our client. The IT Crowd undertook a migration project for HSL into cloud consumption and management of virtual environments. Thank you to Jedrick and Lee for your hard work with HSL.

The IT Crowd undertook a migration project for HSL into cloud consumption and management of virtual environments. Thank you to Jedrick and Lee for your hard work with HSL.

Affinity Equity Partners, one of Asia’s largest private equity firms and a long-standing client of CrossPoint has expanded their office 365 requirements with an additional 100 licenses. Thank you to Mary for making the process easy and accurate for our client.

We are pleased to welcome Tocal Agricultural College to the Allcom Family. Tocal Agricultural College are Australia’s leading provider of specialised training to rural industries, with several campuses located throughout NSW. Allcom will deliver a Student Wi-Fi Network comprised of 70 Meraki wireless access points that are supported by Meraki switches and firewall with Internet via a dedicated Telstra Internet Direct service separate from the DPIE corporate network.

The Wi-Fi solution will lead to greater collaboration among students, a more engaging curriculum and allow learning to go beyond the classroom walls. It will also ensure the performance of all internet-related activities from the campus are second to none.

Thank you to Alex who worked tirelessly on the original survey and the accepted design. Jason who worked collaboratively with Telstra Customer Management, Commercial and Engineering Teams to deliver a new ultra-high-speed Telstra Internet Direct service (TID™) to the Campus. Tom for scoping the Allcom Managed Service and Andreea for managing customer quotes and distributors and of course Mike for being the driving engine behind our government opportunities. Great work team!

video conference solutions sydney

Our largest Australia client ARRCS have recently engaged CrossPoint to manage and deploy a Managed Microsoft Teams solution across 14 locations serving 450+ employees. This, in conjunction with the previously agreed SD-WAN project will give the ARRCS team greater control over the flow of traffic through robust internet links and allow remote offices to connect easily through video and voice communication.

As CrossPoint continues to support ARRCS in its growth, we will also manage a Nurse Call upgrade at Rocky Ridge, a new site rollout for Nhulunbuy and an ICT Governance project, complete with BCP, asset management and compliance certs and documents. Thank you to our dedicated team of Jasmin, Dan H, Adrian, and our amazing helpdesk staff who have built an enduring relationship with this client and continue to drive their business forward.

We would also like to wish Jasmin, Wayne and Carlos all the best as they venture to Darwin in August to attend the ARRCS Management Meeting and present a detailed update on the ongoing projects managed by CrossPoint. Our team will have the opportunity to meet with the ARRCS board of directors and Uniting Care Queensland (parent company of ARRCS) to discuss how CrossPoint kept ARRCS safe and secure when Uniting Care Queensland was hit by a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, Uniting Care Queensland were not so lucky and are very interested in understanding CrossPoint’s approach and how our team can potentially assist UCQ in addition to ARRCS. This is a huge opportunity for our business, and we wish the team best of luck in showcasing our service offering with UCQ.

As our existing client Centuria continues to grow their business through acquisition, we are pleased to  support their growth by offering managed services to the newly acquired companies in New Zealand, Sydney and Western Australia. This expansion will see Centuria recognised as one of Australia’s largest commercial property management organisations. Thank you to Socrates and the greater team for enabling our client’s growth.

Our education practice continues to grow with Brisbane Boys’ School and Tyndale Christian School  joining our growing client base. Brisbane Boys’ School came to CrossPoint through our good work delivered at St Rita’s. Brisbane Boys’ School will utilise 80 hours of prepaid support with the opportunity for more solution requirements in the near future. Tyndale Christian School will use our IT Manager As A Service solution and CrossPoint will undertake a Strategic ICT Review with the project being driven by Adrian and Paul C.

We are pleased to support our existing schools with further requirements. St Rita’s College have recently engaged CrossPoint for 240+ prepaid support hours and additionally for our IT Manager As A Service to drive the growing IT requirements of their school. Thank you to Paul C and the greater EDU team for your hard work and dedication to growing and nurturing our existing clients and best of luck to Paul as he heads to Canberra next week to drive the Teams Implementation and strategy work at one of our newer schools Daramalan College.

Australia Sales Team – CrossPoint Values

Can-Do Attitude – Mike Smith and Jason Brownlee

Thank you to Mike and Jason who have worked tireless on the I-Care Managed Network and LAN solution RFT to Telstra. A huge effort was made by not only Mike and Jason but Amanda, Tom, Dan F, Mark and Troy who worked well into the early hours of the morning to ensure all required documents were prepared and submitted on time. We are thankful for your Can-Do attitude and willingness to go above and beyond for our business!

One Team – Mike Smith

Not only does Mike close deals day after day for our business but he is the glue that holds our government practice together. Thankyou Mike for your customer-first-approach, continually delivering and going above and beyond for your clients and your team. Our business and team are lucky to work with such a dedicated and generous individual.


Our Partnerships play a big part in our growth as a business. We don’t always see that hard work that goes on in the background, but Steve, Andrew, Wayne and Katherine are the driving force in leveraging these partnerships to be the success they are today. We are please to share the following activity and achievements from CrossPoint in Partnerships.

Westcon-Comstor Australia have deployed a tailored Telemarketing campaign on behalf of Allcom Networks, delivering BANT qualified SD-WAN leads to our sales team. The campaign kicked off in May and has delivered a total of 12 great quality leads to the team. Westcon have funded the entire campaign and we hope to secure new clients from this initiative very soon.

CheckPoint recently awarded Allcom Networks a 4-star partnership level. This is the same partnership level obtain by Telstra. This upgrade of partnership level is reflective of our strong achievements and delivering above expected performance target levels.

Ingram Micro Singapore have committed to partnering with CrossPoint to deliver a targeted Telemarketing Campaign delivering BANT qualified opportunities looking for Microsoft Managed Voice Solutions. The campaign will kick off in June and looks to deliver over 20 qualified opportunities to our business. Watch this space!

Microsoft – CrossPoint was recently invited to speak at the Microsoft Education Global Training Partner MEA Summit to share our experience and advice with fellow MSP’s based in the Middle East and Africa, looking to support schools to modernise classrooms to increase engagement for students and teachers. Thank you to Paul who was joined by Scone Grammar School Principal Paul Smart to share their experience enabling Microsoft Teams Live Events. A great opportunity for our EDU practice and the CrossPoint Brand.


Our Service Delivery Team continues to drive our business forward, juggling multiple new projects, increasing client demands, kicking off new initiatives including the adoption of new practices that will generate greater business intelligence and lead to better management of resource gaps. We hear you, and we understand we need greater engineering resources, we are actively driving recruitment of open roles as demonstrated by the on-boarding of new people to the team including Cameron, Solomon, Shabih and Tully as full-time staff and Mitchell and Vin as contractors.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the greater Service Delivery team for their commitment and resilience over the past few months. It hasn’t always been easy, but we have pushed forward as one team, supporting each other and delivering on client expectations.

We would like to recognise our team and the following projects successfully delivered.

Congratulations to Paul and Adrian, the team involved in completing the recent ICT review for ARRCS, not only were ARRCS eager to undertake the recommendations from the review but our sales team were also able to close off a SD-WAN managed service agreement due to the great work delivered via our ICT review team. Special mention to Rob, Allan and Mike for their diligent efforts in replacing the Katherine Nurse-call service and thank you to Jayson, Earl, Alisher and Eric for their work with ARRCS Crisis Communication ACD/IVR. Our clients continue to grow with us due to the time and effort our team invest into growing the relationship, thanks again team.

We take our hats off to Mal, Alex and Fergus who have worked tirelessly on the recent Meraki and UC rollout for the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. This huge project has taken over 900 hours to deploy and due to the efforts of our team we have been able to close this off in record time, in alignment with client expectations and on budget. Mark Booth, Senior Project Manager at NSW DPIE commented “Mike, your team were excellent. Fergus dealt with whatever needed to be managed and it was seamless”. Great work guys! A shout out to Ferg who displayed an amazing Can-Do attitude when all odds were against him trying to make his way to the client location in Inverrell from Moree. Unfortunately, Moree ran out of hire cars, Hertz then organised an alternative car but that car hit a cow Ferg was then required to hitch a ride with an electrician to the closest town, take a long and bumpy 6 hour bus ride to Ballina and hire a car from Ballina to make his way to the client’s site. End result was that outcomes were met, and we had a delighted customer. Thanks again Ferg for going above and beyond and thank you to Catie for making all the travel arrangements in the background to ensure we got the job done. Great work!

Thank you to Mal, Allan, Fergus, Troy and Alex who were recently involved in a challenging site at Hillston for Local Land Services. This project required our team to act proactively and show agility to deliver the customer solution on such short notice. Andy McKinnon – Regional Coordinator – Local Land Services remarked:  “Huge thanks should go to Allcom and their IT partners in Griffith for immobilising and finding a solution as quick as they did” The reality is that this issue was resolved faster than anticipated especially considering how much notice we had on the office relocation. Great job Team!

Our client Ferag are singing Derek’s praise for the great work he delivered recently involving a security issue within the organisation’s email systems. Phil Batty ,Managing Director of Ferag had a hunch his email had been compromised and on making our team aware of the situation, Derek took the best practice steps to remove forwarding rules, activate a password reset and made recommendations of multi factor authentication to ensure Phil felt safe which compelled him to mention how good Derek was in dealing with the issue. Thank you Derek, what a great way to demonstrate CrossPoint’s cyber security awareness to a client!

Service Delivery Team – CrossPoint Values

Can Do Attitude – Ken Davies

Ken joined CrossPoint in December 2020 in the role of Field Engineer for Centuria . Not only has Ken delivered a platinum standard of support for Centuria but he has successfully managed a high-pressure role while juggling support tickets, cyber-security alerts, urgent walk-ups from Senior C-suite staff, Microsoft Intune and laptop rollout projects as well as audio visual maintenance and Teams Rooms trouble shooting. Keep up the great work Ken!

One-Team – Kath Perez and Kit Claparols

Kath and Kit (aka Kit Kat) have done a tremendous job improving Service Desk operations. Kath not only goes out of her way to empower her colleagues and support her clients but has really brought the team together as one. Thank you Kath. You’re an inspirational leader and we are very pleased to have you on our team. One of our newer recruits Kit, has hit the ground running. Since starting his role in March, Kit has shown great leadership skills and is now driving the strategic global service desk initiative. In addition, Kit has kicked off a training plan to upskill our Service Desk team and help CrossPoint adopt new technologies such as CloudCheckr and AWS/Azure.

Keep Learning – Dan Hampson & Tom Dwyer

Congratulations to Dan H. and Tom who have work tirelessly on the best practice for our One Team SDM framework. Both Tom and Dan have done an excellent job and demonstrated great ownership and willingness in completing this initiative to improve our Service Delivery Management practice.

Our Networking Team have been under the pump with numerous projects delivered over the past few months, particularly for our client Legal Aid, including a WAN Migration to Vocus, a Crime Division migration from the Justice department and Law Access (Parramatta onto Legal Aid Network). A big thank you to Amila, Allan, Peter, Lloyd and Mazen for your hard work in delivering our network solutions.

We are pleased to announce CrossPoint has now migrated to Datto RMM (remote Monitoring and Management) platform which will enable us to improve efficiency in managing our client systems infrastructure. Well done to the Managed Services Team and Jedric for driving this project forward and going above and beyond their normal BAU work to get this solution enabled for our business.

Special mention to Dan F. who has driven our resource management function through tracking formal resource requests through Autotask. Dan will track the reason why we were or were not able to fulfil a request and use this business information to better manage resources moving forward.

Our Service Delivery team continues to adopt the Keep Learning value and have proactively engaged in a number of recent training opportunities which are key to ramping up our ability to deliver in the areas of collaboration, cloud,network and security.

Congratulations to Alisher, Macy, Rob C. and JT who recently completed their AWS training and achieved their certification.

Congratulations to Earl and Jayson who have recently completed MS Teams Administrator training.

We look forward to continuing to develop our SD team’s skill set and undertaking more training opportunities in the near future.


Although many of our colleagues are still in lockdown, CrossPoint is eager to ensure our teams connect and collaborate across departments and locations. In recent months we have been pleased to bring our teams together both in person and remotely to host the following events:

Sydney Sales Team Cook Up

You might say there were too many cooks in the kitchen, but that wasn’t the case for our energetic Sales Team. After closing a huge third quarter, CrossPoint were pleased to bring the Sydney Sales Team together for their first in-person event for 2021, to celebrate their hard work and outstanding achievement at the Sydney Cooking School Team Building event. Our team put their cooking skills to the test and whipped up a delicious 3 course meal. Thank you to Wayne for organising a fun and engaging event and special mention should go to Liz who missed her calling as a teacher in food tech. .

International Women’s Day

Empowering women in IT is very important to CrossPoint and we always relish in the opportunity to celebrate the Women at CrossPoint on International Women’s Day. In March, our team celebrated IWD focused on the theme of #ChooseToChallenge. The women of CrossPoint joined a virtual lunch and connected with colleagues in Manila, Singapore, and Australia. Fun and games were had on the day as well as establishing a charitable focus which will collectively be driven by the women in CrossPoint. Watch this space for more information around our Women’s Charity Initiative.

Purple Day – Sydney

At CrossPoint, we love supporting a good cause, especially one that helps our existing clients. In March, our Sydney team celebrated Purple Day – a global initiative dedicated to raising epilepsy awareness.

Thanks to our Sydney team who braved the rain and horrible conditions to come together to raise much needed funds for Epilepsy Action Australia. We celebrated #PurpleDay with a purple themed morning tea including lots of purple goodies, a competition for best purple outfit (congratulations Jonathan. T) and purple trivia. Our team were also able to relax with a 10-minute massage from our hired inhouse masseuse. 

A fun morning was had by all and special thanks to those who donated to this great cause, in total we raised $980.00 for Epilepsy Action Australia. Big thanks to Milla and Jasmin for organising a standout event. 


Can-Do Awards

Congratulations to our first Can-Do Award Winner Kath Perez. On behalf of the Leadership Team and CrossPoint, we would like to congratulate Kath Perez, our Service Desk Team Leader and first recipient of the CrossPoint Can-Do-Award.

Kath has been recognised by her colleagues as a true champion of the CrossPoint values. Kath goes out of her way to empower her colleagues and support her clients. Kath leads with integrity and takes ownership of tasks within and outside of her daily responsibilities. We commend Kath’s dedication to self-improvement and appreciate her commitment to our business and her own personal growth. 

Congratulations from the entire team and we hope you enjoy the goodie bag we are sending your way. 

CrossPoint Team Performance Check-Ins

Our HR Manager Blanche, together with Paul D, have been working tirelessly on developing a performance evaluation tool using Power Apps that can assist our both employees and line management track and develop each role. We are excited to soon launch Performance Check-Ins, a tool that gives our team the opportunity to define and align expectations on the existing roles, evaluate performance, discuss career goals, build and grow job descriptions/KPI’s and build learning and development plans for our employees. We look forward to launching our Performance Check-Ins very soon.


As we continue to grow our business and expand the services we deliver to clients and secure new clients we are proactively recruiting roles within the business. Currently we have 5 active roles open which can be seen via the careers page on our website –

We are eager to place the right people in the right roles and are now driving recruitment through an assortment of channels such as social media, including LinkedIn, and localised recruitment platforms. However, the best candidates  often come from staff referrals. We are asking everyone to review our open roles, and if you know someone who could fit any of those roles please reach out to your line Manager and/or HR and make an introduction. CrossPoint gives a Thank-You-reward to an employee for every successful referral. If you want to know more about this, feel free to reach out to Blanche.

Milestones In Service

Congratulations to JP Esguerra, Cherry Quijano, Neilwin Sy and Ryan Bumagat who all celebrated their 5th work anniversary with CrossPoint. We appreciate your hard work and commitment and hope you enjoyed your box of goodies.

NPS Survey Results

Recently CrossPoint requested our clients undertake an NPS (Net Promoter Score) Survey to gather important feedback on our performance and service delivery. We want to understand what clients think of our organisations and identify any opportunities to improve.

Our goal for this initiative was a client response rate of 20% and an NPS number between 20-30. 

Our NPS Survey was distributed to 184 clients across our business both in Australia and Singapore. We were extremely pleased to see 67 clients submitted a response, resulting in a 35% response rate. Thank you to our team for communicating with our clients the importance of this initiative and driving engaging feedback for our business. We received fantastic comments regarding our team, solutions and support and we have you, our team to thank.

Our overall NPS Score is 42 which is incredible. Our NPS ranking is considered high and matches some of the largest successful businesses across the world. Furthermore, our initiative has raised $500.00 to go to OzHarvest our preferred local charity. As promised, we are putting together the finishing touches on our team Escape Room event and look forward to celebrating our great results soon.

ARN – Women in ICT Awards 2021

Local Australia publication ARN an IT industry news platform showcasing news, views and runs the annual ARN – Women in ICT Awards.

The Women in ICT Awards has celebrated gender diversity and recognised female excellence across the Australian tech channel since first launching  in 2012, acknowledging the achievements of a talented group of female front runners who have become influential figures across the local industry. This year CrossPoint and Allcom nominated some of our own stand out women and we are immensely proud to share two of our colleagues have now been selected as finalists for the ARN Women in ICT Awards – 2021.

Congratulations to Jasmin for being nominated as a finalist for the ARN – Women in ICT– Rising Star, and Catie for being nominated as a finalist for the ARN – Women in ICT– Shining Star. Your commitment to our clients and business is admirable and you continually showcase the CrossPoint values in your role.

ARN received record breaking nomination numbers with over 340 nominations spanning across partners, telco vendors and distributors. This further highlights the momentous achievement for Jasmin and Catie in making it to the finalist category. Award winners will be announced at a celebratory lunch on the 23rd of July. Join us in congratulating Jasmin and Catie! We wish you all the best at the awards lunch.



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