CrossPoint Networking, Security and WiFi as a Service solutions help customers with their LAN, WAN and WiFi network connectivity, and are designed to relieve the burden of IT network administration. We recommend and use the latest technology in IT security to offer customers reliable and scalable network infrastructure solutions.

We are vendor agnostic and able to tailor solutions to meet customers’ existing and future needs based on their specific business requirements. Customers are able to leverage on-site managed infrastructure or cloud-based network services, backed by 24/7 traffic monitoring, capacity management and support.

Our Security services include the identification of IT security risks through reviews, audits and penetration tests. Using strategic security consulting, policy and technology initiatives, we then design and implement customised solutions that mitigate any exposure. IT Security services we provide include:

Site-to-site and site-to-client virtual private network (“VPN”) for data security

Multi-level firewall environments and encryption services to protect sensitive credit card information

Intrusion detection and prevention solutions to guard against network attacks

Streamlined network monitoring and reporting

De-scoping and auditing solutions

End-to-end voice encryption over private WAN

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