In today’s global business environment, you need the flexibility and convenience to make and receive calls from any location, without worrying about cost or logistics. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable and cost effective voice solution that allows you to transition seamlessly from the office to your mobile phone, anywhere, any time. 

From highly advanced PBX phone systems to international mobile callback re-routing, we can design a streamlined and customised voice solution that saves you money and lets you get on with business, no matter where you are. 


CrossPoint’s managed mobility solutions can help reduce your organisation’s mobile phone expenditure by leveraging the benefits of your existing phone network, as follows:

Remote Mobile SIP Clients

By installing a SIP software client on your smart phone or portable device and using either a 3G data or WiFi network or Internet connection, you’re free to make and receive calls via your office PBX based phone system. 

Mobile Callback

Enjoy substantial savings on international calls with CrossPoint’s Mobile Callback solution, which allows you to re-route calls away from expensive carriers to your own network. Mobile Callback is an integrated client-server solution that enables mobile phones to initiate calls using preferred SIP trunk routes. The solution re-routes mobile calls via a preferred voice path rather than the default operator’s network, leveraging the existing call rates of your own enterprise voice network. The software also uses activation rules, which can be centrally managed for individual users or various user groups.Mobile Callback works on all smart phone platforms, including Apple, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry. 

IP PBX Mobility

The CrossPoint Managed IP Telephony Service supports additional mobility features such as:

Hot Desk Functionality – Log in to your extension, make and receive calls from anywhere within the organisation

Streamlined costs – Centralise your phone accounts, regardless of location

Least cost routing – Automatically re-route expensive calls to cheaper paths

Mirrored extensions – Receive calls via your extension at multiple locations

Remote call centre agents – Offsite IVR routing and queue login, plus automatic call distribution, recording, monitoring and reporting

Soft phone set-up – Make and receive calls via your laptop or smart phone

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