Microsoft Teams – Enterprise Voice Solutions

CrossPoint Microsoft Teams Cloud PBX Solutions is an end-to-end enterprise voice and collaboration solution as a service. CrossPoint can enable and adopt Microsoft Teams and CrossPoint’s IP Telephony Cloud within one eco-system to seamlessly provide the complete features and functionality required for your enterprise voice requirements.

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Cisco Webex – Enterprise Voice Solutions

CrossPoint Cisco Cloud PBX solution is an end-to-end enterprise voice and collaboration solution as a service. A single calling architecture that allows on-premises Cisco and third-party PBXs to connect to the global Webex Calling platform.

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Video Conference Solutions

Host face-to-face meetings effortlessly with a flexible, secure, easy to use video conferencing solution accessible to anyone with an internet or telephone connection.

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Managed Mobility

In today’s global business environment, you need the flexibility and convenience to make and receive calls from any location, without worrying about cost or logistics. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable and cost effective enterprise mobility solution that allows you to transition seamlessly from the office to home, to your mobile device anywhere, any time.

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Contact Centre Solutions

Looking for a Contact Centre solution that is easy to integrate, user friendly, easily monitored, measurable and more importantly provides a historical view of all customer interaction. Look no further! The CrossPoint approach to contact centre solutions is simpler and much more cost effective.

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