Connected Campus Networks that Shape and Transform Learning

Drive a better user experience with a secure and effective Campus Networking solution delivered by CrossPoint. Our experienced team are well versed in managing a variety of campus network requirements including voice, video, mobility, and cloud initiatives. Our solutions are backed by network and security policies that can be scaled to consistently accommodate new users and devices to ensure productivity and efficiency remains high. Our team at CrossPoint has helped to integrate numerous wireless networking solutions for a variety of different clients across several sectors. They are especially skilled in wireless network design and have the expertise and skills to integrate this type of solution in an enterprise, corporate or campus setting and environment.

To ensure communication, speed and accessibility is at an optimum level, organisations need to ensure their Campus network design is created with network applications characteristics and organisationatal requirements in mind. At CrossPoint we take time to understand our clients requirements and develop WiFi campus networks that operate at the highest level of speed, accessibility and transferability.

We will deploy current LAN technologies such as Optical Fibre, WiFi and the latest copper infrastructure to deliver solutions supporting up to 100G that provide high availability, secure and flexible solutions. Our solutions allow organisations to gain visibility and control of users and applications offering business insights to deliver the best user experience.

CrossPoint can help you shape and transform the user experience for your organisation.

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What are the benefits of a CrossPoint Managed Enterprise Network?

A planned and well-implemented enterprise network reduces communication protocols and helps users share information more easily with one another. It’s crucial that an organisation or school chooses an enterprise network that meets their needs both now and into the future.

CrossPoint can deliver this to any business, and it is important for any business to reap these benefits. Businesses must keep up with advancing technologies or be left behind.

Zero upfront investment

We can operate an OPEX model, meaning you don’t need to invest in expensive upfront hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades etc. We do not believe in high fees and charges for our clients, and we believe in allowing them to choose what they need and want and charge based on this, not an initial expensive fee.

Drive a better user experience

Seamless connectivity to everyone who uses your network with transparent business insights gained through visibility of user’s application usage. User experience is everything in the modern age, and engaging with the user is of the utmost importance for any business. A user will only stay with your business and continue to do work with you if they have a good experience. CrossPoint understands this, and we strive to give the user the best experience possible through smooth operations and uses of our technology.

Reliable and resilient

Delivering a highly available network that is always on and adapting to user demands seamlessly. Our WiFi networking solutions are designed in a way that they will be consistently reliable and resilient. It is important for any network solution for all users to be able to use it smoothly and without any issues. Many networks face the issue of dropping out of connection, affecting all users on board. CrossPoint designs networks to be as reliable and resilient as possible.

Maximise performance and increase productivity

Rapidly onboard BYOD users and Internet-connected devices, quickly deploy digital technology that enables users to connect and collaborate to perform tasks more efficiently.

Enhanced Network Security

Network security solutions protect your campus from malicious users and threats. Cyber security is one of the most important aspects of any business, as cyber criminals routinely try to breach systems for their own gain every single day. Viruses and malware are a constant within the digital age, and network security must continuously be updated and enhanced as new technology is produced in order to stay protected against these ongoing threats.

Open Standards

We are technology, service and operator independent, which means you’re never tied to a particular brand or product.

Fully Managed End-to-End Solutions

That lets you get on with business, including 24×7 monitoring via our operations centre. You do not need to constantly worry about updating, maintaining or anything similar to do with our technology. We look after everything on our side with a high level of expertise, attention to detail and focus, and will notify you if we need anything. You can rest easy knowing that the technological side of your business is in good hands.

CrossPoint provides network infrastructure solutions for all organisations – small, medium and large. Speak with our team today!

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