Optimise your Cloud Networks

As organisations both large and small continue to leverage the benefits of using the latest technologies from advanced data analytics to cloud networking solutions, these services place higher demands on existing networks. At CrossPoint, we are vendor agnostic and able to tailor a solution that meets clients’ existing and future needs based on specific business deliverables and outcomes. Our cloud business solutions optimise your infrastructure and improve application performance. Clients can leverage on-site managed infrastructure or cloud-based network services, backed by 24/7 traffic monitoring, capacity management and support, all through our cloud managed service.

CrossPoint cloud networking solutions assist organisations with their LAN, WAN and WiFi network connectivity, and are designed to relieve the burden of IT network administration. We recommend and use the latest technology in IT security to offer clients reliable and scalable network infrastructure solutions.

What are the benefits of a cloud network?

A planned and well implemented cloud business solution optimises traffic and enables users to share information more easily with one another. It is crucial that an organisation chooses an enterprise network architecture that meets their needs both now and into the future. It allows a business to store, access, receive and send data across their own business departments as well as to external factors who may need to access such data. A cloud business solution can be implemented through a singular centralized platform which can be accessed by users with relevant authority levels. The benefits of a cloud business solution also extend to managed network security. A CrossPoint Managed Network Security solution empowers organisations that do not have the expertise and/or resources to take on the essential network defense tasks, such as Threat Detection and Cybersecurity Management services.

Zero Upfront Investment

We can operate an OPEX model, meaning you don’t need to invest in expensive upfront hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades etc. Our OPEX model delivered solutions enable clients to increase their revenue streams while eliminating expensive capital expenditure costs. This delivery model also anables a more manageable and predication operational expense for an organisation.

Maximize Performance and Increase Productivity

CrossPoint enables teams to perform tasks more efficiently through seamlessly optimising and integrating voice, video and data networks. By having users access a centralised platform in which they can access data as well as communicate it, cloud network users will be more efficient and effective within your business operation.

Enhanced Network Security

CrossPoints Managed network security services which provide enhanced security for your entire voice and data network. By having security managed by CrossPoint, you can rest assured your data is in safe hands and held securely at all times.
Cybersecurity is extremely important, and the threat of cyber breaches and attacks are consistently on the rise for all organisations. As such, we have created a managed network security solution that ensures no client of ours is the victim of cyber-crime and that we can prevent cyber breaches from happening in the first place. It is important to place an emphasis on cybersecurity, and at CrossPoint, we understand that completely.

Reduced Operating Costs of Entire IT Network

Implementing Managed Network Services will help to reduce the costs of maintenance, service, hardware, software, and infrastructure within the business operation. Reducing costs is the goal for any business so you can increase profits and move spending to where the business operation needs it, and by implementing a cloud managed service, you will be reducing costs related to IT within your business.

Open Standards

We are technology, service, and operator independent, which means you are never tied to a particular brand or product. We work side by side with our clients to create the best possible cloud business solution for your business operations. We can create a solution that utilises your existing infrastructure and advise on a best practice solution to meet your business needs both now and into the future.

Fully Managed End-to-End Solutions

We let you get on with business, including 24×7 monitoring via our operations centre. No longer are you required to work with multiple vendors and service providers at CrossPoint we deliver all the services that an organisation requires in a single holistic package. We can provide a complete, all-in-one infrastructure for an organisations IT requirement in addition to finding new ways to drive ROI.

We recommend and use the latest technology in IT security to offer customers reliable and scalable network infrastructure solutions.

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