Monitor and manage access control to your organisational network

CrossPoint’s Managed Access Control, Identity & Policy solutions offer efficient and reliable management of multiple access points to control risk, improve business continuity and improve business efficiency. We define each user’s role and set up access to ensure individuals have access to the appropriate technology resources.

Our vendor agnostic approach means our teams are skilled in delivering Access and Identity solutions that offer a best fit solution for your business. We partner with leading providers such as Identity1, Microsoft, IBM. 

CrossPoint’s Managed Access Control, Identity and Policy solutions, you can control and manage each individual user’s access to network resources and secure critical data & information within the organisation.

identity management solution

CrossPoint Access Control, Identity & Policy can deliver:

Identity management individuals are identified in a system

Adding, removing and updating user roles in the system

Assigning levels of access to each user and

Securing critical data & information to protect access to corporate resources within the system

CrossPoint Access Control and Identity & Policy Includes:

Single sign-on systems

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Privileged access management

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