Why is Penetration Testing Important and Why You Should Act Now 


Following the recent developments of the data breach incidents involving Medibank, the largest health insurer in Australia, which compromised the data privacy of approximately 4M customers, and Optus, the country’s second-largest telco company, which put nearly 10M accounts at risk, the Australian government is set to introduce new legislation announcing larger penalties for those companies subject to serious data breaches.

Evidently, these privacy breaches have revealed the inadequacy of available safeguard measures. It does not help that hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their schemes, sparing no company. Just think, “How much can a data breach cost your business?” 

How sure are you about your company’s security? Have you tested your network to identify any vulnerabilities? Learn how this affects your business and why you should consider undertaking a Penetration Testing Assessment today.  

Introduction to Penetration Testing 


Penetration testing is an efficient method of testing organisations’ IT infrastructure, network, and web application for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities that hackers and cybercriminals could exploit. In short, it is an assessment test run to find weaknesses in a computer defense system before a cyberattack happens.  


Penetration testing is not a one-time activity. It is not a system administrator. Hence, a company should run penetration testing as frequently as required, depending on its risk assessments and structure.  

Benefits of Penetration Testing 

  • Strengthened cybersecurity awareness and practice among employees 
  • Increased safety and security in IT infrastructure of the company 
  • Timely response to potential incidents through detection of real-time risks  
  • Efficient safeguard control measures 
  • Efficient risk prioritisation management  
  • Maintained customer trust 
  • Strengthened company credibility and integrity by observing compliance 
  • Gaining relevant business insights 

How our Security Solutions Can Help 

CrossPoint Penetration Testing conducts an authorised experimental hacking to expose the gaps in your company’s IT infrastructure, network, and web application. The point is that, by experiencing the “pretend hacking” experiment, the company can identify any weak spot in its systems and be able to act immediately on what needs to be done to prevent cyberattacks. 


  • Access to OSCP and CREST International Certified Engineers 
  • Complimentary Remediation Scan 
  • Optimised Project Delivery 
  • In-Depth Executive Report 
  • Discover Vulnerabilities 
  • Aligned to International Frameworks 

Preventing a cyberattack means never being complacent. We are here to help.

Contact us today to receive a complimentary evaluation of your testing needs.

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