Why CrossPoint?

There are a host of reasons to choose CrossPoint to manage your technology requirements, but here’s the bottom line:

We simplify your IT and telecommunications environments

We tailor solutions that enable you to focus on business

We save you money

That’s our commitment to you in a nutshell. No vague promises. No meaningless technical jargon, just a clear commitment to provide you with a simple, cost effective and flexible technology solution for your business.

Compelling Reasons to Choose CrossPoint

Fully managed end-to-end solutions that let you get on with business, including 24×7 monitoring via our global network operations centres.

Single point of contact eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors.

Single contract regardless of the size of your business, or where you’re located in the world – we can even place multiple countries on a single contract for simplicity.

Significant cost savings combined with a simple pricing model – Simple monthly fees per device. No license limits on system size, no more end of life upgrade expenses.

Flexibility and scalability – Our solutions are fully scalable allowing for future growth. CrossPoint provides unparalleled flexibility regarding increasing or decreasing the number of extensions or sites.

Zero upfront investment – We operate on an OPEX model as opposed to a CAPEX model, meaning you don’t need to invest upfront in expensive hardware or software.

Open standards – We are technology, service and operator independent which means you’re never tied to a particular brand or product.

Seamless integration into your existing platforms.

Years of experience and technical expertise.

CrossPoint Services

CrossPoint will provide an IP PBX at your site, or in the cloud, as a Managed Service. Depending on your business requirements, the IP PBX may include optional redundancy and high availability features.

To provide power to the IP phones, CrossPoint can leverage your existing investment in PoE switches, or provide our own managed layer 2 switches, and/or individual power supplies, as required. 24×7 monitoring, CDR reporting, capacity planning, software upgrades, licensing and feature updates are included as standard.

For maximum availability and minimum downtime, CrossPoint can provide a redundant backup server to be enabled in case of failure. For contact centres and mission-critical telephony environments, CrossPoint can provide dual redundant IP PBX servers in an active-active configuration. In such high availability deployments, the IP Phones can register simultaneously to the two IP PBX servers, thus making the system extremely reliable and resilient.

The IP PBX and IP Phones may be connected to a segregated LAN or VLAN as preferred by your network manager. External inbound and outbound calls can be made via traditional Analogue, ISDN BRI or ISDN PRI circuits by means of local PSTN access gateways. Long distance calls can be rerouted to low cost VoIP service providers to save money compared to traditional PSTN service providers.

A local VPN access router is included as part of the solution to enable the CrossPoint Network Operations Centre to securely monitor, manage and resolve on-site issues remotely. Enjoy complete peace of mind with the knowledge that your IP PBX, IP Phones and network are being checked for hundreds of parameters every minute to ensure maximum uptime, system efficiency and for prompt remote support and assistance.

CrossPoint recommends Polycom brand IP Phones for the highest audio quality and best reliability. Details of the various phone models are on subsequent pages. Monthly pricing for each model is shown on the last page for reference and consideration. All multi-line Polycom IP Phones support 3-way audio conferencing on the phone itself, and the higher end models support 4-way and 5-way conferencing. For larger audio conferences the CrossPoint IP PBX includes an audio bridge free of charge, reducing the need to utilize expensive external conferencing services.

For users travelling or working outside the office, smartphone integration is supported via standards-based SIP Softphone applications that can be downloaded from various smartphone app stores. Softphones allow travelling staff to make and receive voice and video calls as if they were in the office, from wherever they are in the world. This internet-based roaming feature allows genuine bottom-line savings in mobile roaming charges, while also enabling top-line growth in staff productivity. Reduced mobile roaming, international call and audio conferencing charges all contribute to the return on investment justification for installing a CrossPoint managed telephony solution.

Benefits Summary

Save Time

Our fully managed end-to-end services allow you to focus on your core business activities rather than complex IT issues.

Save Money

CrossPoint operates an OPEX model as opposed to a CAPEX model, which means there’s minimal upfront capital investment on your behalf.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our solutions adapt to your unique business situation and provide the scalability needed for ongoing growth.

Latest Technology

Our managed services give you access to the very latest business technology without investing time and money into training new IT staff.

24×7 Support

Enjoy round-the-clock monitoring and support via our operations centre, regardless of where your business is located in the world.

Open Standards

CrossPoint is carrier/vendor independent, which means you’re never locked in to a particular brand or product.


Our solutions are backed by years of experience and technical expertise in IT system and telecommunications integration.


Benefit from only one point of contact and a single SLA.

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