Softphone – Revolutionising the Office Communication Flow

Have you ever ducked out of the office for a moment – be it for a coffee, a bite to eat, or a quick word with someone on another floor – only to return to your desk to learn that you missed an important call? It not only looks bad, but in some cases losing that phone call may mean losing business. Modern offices are becoming increasingly mobile, open, and flexible, yet we are still tied to our desktop phones. Crosspoint specialises in unified communications and are experts in providing seamless office communications. How? Through designing Softphone, an intuitively designed app that allows users to bring their desktop phone with them in their pockets, on their laptops, and tablets. Never miss a call, never skip a coffee.

Understanding softphone

Whether teams are travelling, working from home, or are simply not at their desks, it’s understandable that many employees frown at the thought of handing out their private phone numbers in order to stay reachable when they’re out and about. Mobility and flexibility should be a positive change for businesses and their employees and using CrossPoints’ Softphone app allows employees to bring their desktop phone with them rather than adding their private phone numbers to the mix.

With Crosspoint managed softphone app, we allow you and your employees to answer phone calls as if you are at your desk, no matter where you are.

Works across devices and operating systems

CrossPoints’ Softphone app does not compromise on quality, providing crystal clear images and sound, while working across various operating systems and devices. Are your employees working across different operating systems and devices? Not a problem. Compatible with Apple, Microsoft, and Android phones, tablets, and laptops, our softphone app gives users a rich VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) experience.

Each user can download the softphone app on up to three devices, giving them more freedom to choose where they are best reached when not at their desks. Made to resemble the symbols and functions of a standard desk phone, softphone is an intuitive app for users to begin using right away.

Offering businesses, the advantage of providing employees with greater choice surrounding their communication preferences, while ensuring that the communication channel between key customers and your company remains clear.

Allows you to work smarter, together

Avoid calls being forwarded to employees who are less knowledgeable on a customer’s or co-worker’s queries because the expert is out of office. The managed softphone solution from Crosspoint will allow your phone calls to reach those who can best answer them, without hiccups.

To keep your clients and co-workers happy, reach out to Crosspoint today to discuss your options.

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